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Fed up with you, the Washington Post


On May 25, Prime Minister Abe announced the cancellation of the emergency declaration issued in response to COVID-19.

It is the first cancellation in a month and a half since it was announced on April 7.

During this period, the Japanese people responded to the self-restraint request without any legal force, and at the annual event in April, they gave up to see the cherry blossoms that the Japanese are most looking forward to, and stayed home during the large holidays called GW. We knew that each and every one of us would not survive this situation without being patient.

Some were worried that more people would be infected after GW. However, two weeks after the end of GW, the number of new infections continued to decline. This is the result of the people staying home in GW and continuing to stay home.

Of course, the second and the third wave will attack. However, the Japanese people will fight persistently with order and overcome them. The emergency declaration may be reissued. But that is a self-restraint, not a legally enforceable ban on going out.

The Japanese people have overcome it without coercion from the nation. We have reached the standard of 0.5 per 100,000 people, which is the strictest standard in the world.

Even in developed countries, legal restrictions were added, and while outbound police checked permits or imposed fines, the Japanese government and local governors simply requested self-restraint.

When the Government of Japan issued this declaration, the Washington Post in the United States criticized, “Japanese government still feel hesitated in the face of the epidemic of Tokyo, and hesitate to take the thorough measures necessary to resolve it.” did.

In the first place, this newspaper criticized the initial response to this issue in Japan as if they were witnessing slow-motion train crashes.  They also criticized the response to cruise ships as saying “Japanese quarantine is a violation of human rights.” Japan was the first country other than China to be infected withCOVID-19, and because the Chinese government did not actively disclose information on what was happening in China at that time, it was like a surprise attack. The Japanese government prioritized quarantine of the cruise ship over the probability of domestic inspection posture. .

It was the Washington Post that repeatedly criticized it like a bystander on the far side of the Pacific Ocean. Before the quarantine, the responsibility for managing oceangoing vessels lies with the U.S. company operating with the flagship country, the U.S. company, and the Japanese government would only have to refuse entry unless the quarantine was cleared. However, many passengers were Japanese, they dealt with it as an exceptional humanitarian measure.

A month later, the infection began to spread in the United States, but the United States failed in its initial response due to a lack of test kits and lack of staff training for proper testing.

And more than two months after that, there are still more than 20,000 new infected people in the United States every day. While the total number of infected people in Japan up to now is 16,000, new infected people are appearing every day exceeding the total number of infected people in Japan.

The total number of infected people in the U.S. reached 1.6 million. It is 100 times more infected in a country with twice the population of Japan. The death total will soon reach 100,000 with a fatality rate of over 5%. Even in China, the lethality rate was kept at 3%, it shows how medical care in the United States is not fully supported.

In short, the United States has no qualification to criticize other nations, and the media must look seriously at its sloppyness and misery.

The Japanese are overcoming the crisis with a declaration of emergency without legal enforcement. The United States does not get out of control even if forced.

What causes this difference?

It is the question of sense of ethics and moral standard.

Originally, democracy started from direct democracy like in ancient Greece, but in modern times, indirect democracy that sends representatives to parliament or elects the president by a national vote to make politics according to the will of the people.

In this system, the government’s decisions should be the decisions of the people, and the government’s actions should be the policies that directly embody the intentions of the people. The people make the government to take the necessary steps.

Although the society as a whole believed that the declaration of an emergency was late in Japan, the government has avoided enforcing the restrictions of individual human rights.

In the United States, on the other hand, restrictions on going out were soon introduced in New York, where the explosive infection spread, and the president declared a state of emergency and spread throughout the United States.

People believe in democracy should be ashamed that they have forced the government to enforce regulations in the event of a domestic outbreak of COVID-19.

Citizens of civilized countries should be ashamed that they were unable to control themselves and forced the president, who should represent their will, to enforce their own power. And they should seriously consider why they are in the worst situation in the world.

In order to be able to settle the situation with a self-restraint request like Japan, the people’s demographics must be high. It requires people’s morals, sanitation, and dedication to sacrifice themselves for the public. A nation composed of fools lacking them needs a despot.

It is hard to believe that the United States, which cannot control the situation by itself, can qualify as a modern democracy.

It is irresponsible that the United States has attacked China’s responsible for COVID-19.

The Spanish flu, which is said to have caused the death of 50 million people and hastened the end of World War I, did not originate in Spain, as many people have misunderstood. U.S. soldiers brought infectious diseases that were prevalent in the U.S. to Europe, but the countries that were fighting the war at the time hid the number of illnesses in order to hide the actual state of national power. It is called “Spanish flu” because it was published only by Spanish government because she was neutral, but this culprit is the United States.

In other words, the Washington Post should know that the United States has no qualification to criticize other nations. I’ll tell the Washington Post “ Who spits against Heaven, spits in his own face”

In this column, I used to say the word “Shame on me, The Washington Post,” but I would like to give another word for this paper.

“Fed up with you, the Washington Post.”





一部にはGWの後で、感染者が増えるのではないかと危惧もされていました。しかし、GWが終わって2週間、新たな感染者数は減り続けました。GWに国民がしっかりと自粛してSTAY HOMEを続けた成果です。